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Best Marine Engineering colleges in India

Engineering as a discipline has developed branched out to many specialised areas which began to progress by leaps and bounds today. The basic areas aligned to the engineering domain are mechanical, civil and computers and marine engineering one of these unique branches.

Marine engineering is the study of the design, development, innovation, production and maintenance of different types of equipment used at and on board sea vessels. The basic job of a marine engineer will be mostly on ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, sailboats, tankers etc. They are responsible for a marine vessel’s internal system comprises of the propulsion, electrical, refrigeration and steering systems.

Marine Engineering Eligibility

Students who have completed 10+2 or an equivalent from a recognised university or board with 55% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects are eligible for marine engineering course. Also, candidates who have completed a 3-year diploma in any diploma in any course from a recognised board or university are also eligible for the Marine Engineering lateral entry course. Candidates who are applying for any of the marine courses should be good with interpersonal and communication skills.

Marine Engineering course

Marine engineering is a full-time undergraduate course of 4-year duration which is divided into 8 semesters. There are many colleges which offer Marine engineering course in India where they have their own eligibility criteria, admission process, and fee structure. In general, the reputed colleges in India offer admission to students to Marine engineering based on their performance in the National Eligibility Entrance Test.

Major topics come under the course are navigation, conservative laws, naval architecture, ocean structures, effects of waves, project planning, technical information sources, ship geometry, movement variables and towing and mooring.

As any engineering course, students who choose to study marine engineering requires time, patience, dedication and commitment to the studies and related academic practices. The four-year course is sufficient to cover the basic concepts of marine engineering. However, interested and passionate students who wish to learn more can opt to pursue a masters in marine engineering and possibly even a PhD.

Apart from marine engineering, there are several other marine courses (short-term) offered by the institutions approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India.

Skills gained

Here are some important skills that a student develops during various marine courses.

  • Complex problem-solving skills
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Strong numeracy skills
  • Practical and technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Analytical skills

The Directorate General of Shipping

The Directorate General of Shipping deals with all the matters related to maritime administration, education and training, development of shipping industry and other related domains. The DG Shipping is an attached office of the Ministry of Shipping which deals with all executive matters related to merchant shipping. This directorate is the authority which is responsible for the regulation and control of the maritime courses and institutions in India.

Career as a Marine Engineer

Career opportunities in this field include marine equipment procurement, marketing and sales. Marine engineering graduates can also work as consultants and work with reputed companies to provide professional guidance on marine designs, construction, and project management support and suggesting engineering solutions. They have opportunities in areas like business, management, communication and new technologies. Many of the marine engineering graduates are hired to work in areas like high-speed craft, ferries, offshore drilling platforms, submarines, merchant ships, warships, pleasure craft, working vessels etc. Opportunites in naval jobs, shipbuilding companies, research and deployment centres, ports and harbours, colleges and universities etc. awaits for a marine engineering graduate. They design boats and ships, specialised equipment and related components with this abilities in physical and mathematical skills to ensure the vessel’s design complies with all the safety regulations. Also, marine programs conducted by the engineers also fall under this area, like underwater vehicle research, cable laying work, renewable energy production in marine areas etc. Students who have done maritime courses other than engineering such as diploma also have a plenty of career options depending on the specialization. These opportunities for marine engineers and its related course are not limited to India.

Duties of a Marine Engineer

Marine engineers get job mostly in sea vessels in which their important duties are --

Monitoring and maintenance of mechanical systems Engineers of specific rank on a vessel are allocated with specific machinery for maintenance and monitoring purpose. Each machinery systems are divided with the engineers of different ranks and it is their duty to ensure the smooth running of those.

Record Keeping and planning maintenance All the crew on the deck work as a team on a ship to ensure the maintenance of the systems is carried out according to the planned maintenance system. It is important to keep all the records of various parameters for official paperwork and reporting purposes.

Emergency breakdown and repair Marine engineers also deal with major maintenance and breakdown of machinery system at sea. Even though the marine engineers are capable of dealing with an emergency situation, sometimes there might be a need for experts. During such situations, they are required to work with the experts to resolve the issue.

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